Investments in equipment and construction

SMEs have the possibility to access non-reimbursable EU grants to invest in different types of assets, particularly equipment and construction that are needed to develop their activity, within the following financing opportunities: 

Investment type

Financing instrument

Project submission period

Investments in equipment and construction

ROP – SO 2.1 Strengthening market position of SMEs in competitive areas identified in the National Strategy of Competitiveness and Regional Development Plans 

27.07.2016 – 04.05.2017

ROP – SO 2.2 Improve the economic competitiveness through increasing the work productivity in SMEs in the competitive sectors identified in CNS

Estimated launch: January 2018


⇒ In the following sections we present information for each type of the above mentioned investments which can help you in drafting a project idea.

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 Investments in equipment and construction 


Financing opportunity: 1st possibility – ROP – SO 2.1 – Strengthening the market position of SMEs in competitive areas identified in the National Strategy of Competitiveness and Regional Development Plans 

Project value 

  • Eligible value: from 25.000 up to 200.000 euro;

Non-reimbursable grant percentage (of eligible costs):

  • 100% of the eligiblevalue of the investment;

Eligible activities/expenditure:

  • Construction, modernization, expansion of your premises for production/services;
  • Acquisition of tangible, intangible assets;

Eligible expenditure list:

  • Expenses with the execution of works related to basic investment, including assembly of equipment:
    • Costs incurred at the beginning of the works related to preparation of the working space which consist in dismantling, clearing, evacuation of the residual materials, deviations of the utility networks, drainage, dewatering (excluding those for execution of the works for the basic investment), diversion of watercourses;
    • Costs related to the construction / expansion / modernization activities of the production facilities / service supply of micro-enterprises, including general utilities (water supply, sewerage, gas supply, heating, electricity, fire protection);
    • Costs incurred for environmental protection works and activities;
    • Costs related to the site organization, well justified and strictly related to the achievement of the project objective;
    • Contingency expenses are eligible if the supporting documents are properly detailed and only up to 10% of the expenditures for the execution of works related to the basic investment.
  • Equipment costs:
    • Expenditure with technological equipment, machinery, work equipment, specific furniture, IT equipment, office equipment, such as fixed assets;
    • Expenditure with machinery / specific equipment with purpose of obtaining energy savings and systems that use renewable / alternative energy for streamlining the financed activities, limited to 15% of the eligible value of the project.
  • Expenditure with patents, licenses, trademarks, software, other similar rights and assets;
  • Expenditure with website realization activities for the presentation of business and their products or services, including e-commerce tools;
  • Consulting services/ assistance:
    • Are eligible under the limit of 7% of the total eligible costs funded through the project, expenditure related to:
      • development of documentation required to obtain agreements, authorizations and approvals related to the investment objective, documentation underlying approvals and agreements required by the urbanism certificate, urban planning documentation, impact studies;
      • project management and site supervision;
      • project proposal/ business plan development;
      • assistance for the tender documentation elaboration and/or of the tender procedure of the procurement contracts.
    • Expenses with the mandatory advertising activities and information related to the project in accordance with the contract of funding, up to 5.000 lei.
  • Expenses related to project implementation, taxes and fees:
    • obtaining the license for execution of works for site organization;
    • obtaining the execution license for construction works;
    • placement fees;
    • quota for inspection for quality control of the construction works;
    • quota for state control in planning, urbanism and authorization of construction works;
    • quota for Builders Social House.


Financing opportunity: 2nd possibility – ROP – SO.2.2 Improve the economic competitiveness through increasing the work productivity in SMEs in the competitive sectors identified in CNS

Project value:

  • Grant:
    • Eligible minimum value: 200.000 euro;
    • Maximum eligible value: 1 million euro;
  • Grant with credit:
    • Eligible minimum value: 1 million euro;
    • Maximum eligible value: 5 million euro;


Middle enterprise

Small and micro enterprise

North-West, Center, North-East, South-East, South-Muntenia, South-West


West and Ilfov



Bucharest until 31.12.2017



Bucharest for 2018-2020



Eligible activities/expenditure:

  • Construction activities, modernization or expansion of your premises for production/services;
  • Activities for endowment with industrial equipment, machinery and or other specific equipment, innovation activities in accordance with the Oslo Manual – “Guidelines for collecting and interpreting innovation data” – OECD:
    • acquisition of external knowledge for SMEs, including patents or unpatented inventions, licenses, trademarks, IT services and other technical services necessary for the product or process innovation activities;
    • acquisition of machinery, equipment or other assets;
    • preparatory works such as: industrial design, engineering or production test, patent or license;
    • identification of new products or processes through marketing activities, identification of opportunities for commercialization research results (own researches or researches of other entities), acquisition of technical information or patents, equipment, software, management and business systems reorganization, etc.
    • activities for the implementation and certification of ISO management quality systems, or reimbursing costs supported by a SME for the certification of quality management systems, environment and health, simple or integrated, in accordance with one of the standards : SR EN ISO 9001 : 2008 (quality management system); SR-EN-ISO 14001: 2005 (environmental management system) ; SR-EN-ISO 22000: 2005 (food safety management system) ; OHSAS 18001 : 2007 (management system for health and occupational safety), etc.
    • activities regarding the completion of the national / international certification processes of products or services;
    • website development activities for a better business presentation of the potential beneficiary and its products or services (including the domain registration activities) for SMEs that do not own an website, or for those who want to upgrade it. Purchase of machinery and equipment in order to achieve specific energy savings or systems that use renewable or alternative energy in order to increase the activities efficiency;
    • e-commerce, both by promoting products and business through SMEs websites and by supporting innovative business solutions (introduction of ICT services into an existing business process, by purchasing electronic applications for electronic catalogs, public procurements, electronic procurements, electronic billing, customer service, electronic supply, electronic store, value-added service provider for e-commerce channels, electronic payments, etc.);
    • interventions aimed at supporting access to international markets, through internationalization measures which do not limit only to participation to fairs or trade missions, but are combined with actions related to business modeling like: knowledge of the markets of specific countries, adapting products / services for certain markets, etc.