Financing line up to 350.000 euro for non-formal outdoor education of students

October 5, 2021

We present you a new financing line, funded from POCU program, lines 6.3 and 6.6, in order to promote non-formal education in the outdoor system, among students and teachers. The financing line will be launched in the next period, will be implemented at county level, on each implementation region (including Bucharest – Ilfov) and its main characteristics are:

  • Project’s total value is between 101.000 and 350.000 euro with up to 100% grant depending on applicant’s category;
  • Eligible applicants:
  1. Accredited educational institutions (ISCED 1-3), public and private, from the national school network;
  2. Public and private providers of guidance, counseling, school mediation and alternative services;
  3. NGOs;
  4. Religious institutions and associations;
  5. Government institutions /agencies with attributions in the social inclusion field etc.

Target group:

  1. Students (from pre-university education, ISCED 1-3) – compulsory minimum 300 students from at least 3 educational units;
  2. Teaching staff in pre-university education at primary, secondary and upper secondary level (ISCED 1-3);
  3. Support staff from primary, secondary and upper secondary schools (ISCED 1-3).
  • Total budget: 15.040.000 euro – (split to the 8 regions of economic development);
  • Main activities financed:
  1. Basic activities for non-formal or outdoor education programs, active-participatory, interactive, child-centered activities;
  2. Socio-educational programs for cognitive development;
  3. Educational activities oriented towards the development /acquisition of competencies;
  4. Workshops for developing the basic cognitive and practical skills necessary for the use of relevant information, in order to perform tasks and solve routine problems;
  5. Any other type of activity / method adapted to the vulnerable child needs and which contributes to the prevention or reduction of school dropout etc;

Call status: in progress (draft guide in public consultation by 4th october)

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