Investments in equipment and construction

Large companies have the possibility to access non-reimbursable EU grants to invest in different types of assets, particularly equipment and construction that are needed to develop their performed activity, within the following financing opportunities: 

Investment type

Financing instrument Project submission period

Investments in equipment and construction

State aid scheme for stimulating investments with a major impact  in economy (GD 807/2014)

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 Investments in equipment and construction


Financing opportunity: State aid scheme for stimulating investments with a major impact in economy (GD 807/2014)

Project value:

  • Minimum eligible value: 10 mill. Euro;
  • Maximum eligible value:
    • Up to 11,25 mill. euro (2014-2020) and 7,5 mill. euro (2018 – 2020), for Bucharest;
    • Up to 26,25 mill. euro for West and Ilfov region.
    • Up to 37,5 mill. euro in North-West, Centre, North-East, South-East, South Muntenia, South-West Oltenia.

Non-reimbursable grant percentage (of eligible costs):

  • Up to 15% (2014 -2017) and up to 10% (2018-2020) – for Bucharest;
  • Up to 35% – Ilfov and West;
  • Up to 50% – North-West, North-East, South-Muntenia, South-West Oltenia.

Eligible activities/expenditures:

  • Initial investments – investment in tangible and intangible assets located in the same area, related to: founding of a new unit; extend the capacity of an existing production unit; production diversification of an unit through products which have not previously been made in that unit or a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing unit;

For Bucharest there are financed only initial investments for a new economic activity;

  • Initial investments for new economic activities – investments in tangible and intangible assets located in the same area, related to founding a new unit or diversify the activities of an existing unit while the new activity doesn’t have to be identical or similar to previous activities in the unit;

Types of eligible expenditure:

  • Expenditure with tangible and intangible assets acquisition and development.

Tangible assets – the assets associated to the initial investment and represented by:

  1. constructions;
  2. new technical installations, machines and equipment with a minimum entry value for fixed assets according to the legal provisions in force (2.500 lei and an amortization period of minimum 1 year).

The maximum eligible value for constructions is 1.650 lei/sq. m., or the equivalent of approximately 375 euro/sq. m.;

In order to be considered eligible, the costs corresponding to the intangible assets cannot exceed 50% of the total eligible costs of the investment. 

  • In the case of renting the constructions corresponding to the initial investment, the maximum eligible value of the rent cannot exceed 22 lei/sq.m./month.
    Building acquisition, modernization and rehabilitation are not eligible for financing through the state aid scheme.