February 16, 2017

We invite you to join the conference “PRECISION AGRICULTURE – TECHNOLOGIES AND INNOVATION”, as partner of this event.

The event is organised by TMT PR, in partnership with USAMV BUCHAREST and USAMV CLUJ, on 28 February 2017, at PULLMAN Hotel, Bucharest, and is conducted with the media support of Agro TV, Ferma Magazine, and Fermierului Magazine.

During the event will try to answer the question: WERE FALLS THE INVESTMENT IN PRECISION AGRICULTURE IN THE CONTEXT OF MODERN AGRICULTURE? and also to offer FREE CONSULTANCY in accessing available funds for the acquisition of precise equipment within the PNDR 2014-2020 financing program.

Representatives of Research and Educational Institutions will define terms and will indicate the direction of Romania regarding the Precision Agriculture, and the representatives of Government and Financing Agencies will identify the measures and the national strategy for the development of Precision Agriculture in the farms from our country.

We offer 10 invitations for 10 farmers interested to participate at the event. The confirmation of available seats will be made via e-mail, in the chronological order in which they were received at the address:

More information about the event you can find here.
For any additional information about the event:

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