“Solidar start-up” – financing for social enterprises

January 31, 2018

According to the last published calendar, AMPOCU will launch in February a new financing line –SOLIDAR START-UP”, related to 4.16 Specific Objective of POCU 2014-2020.

The projects aim at setting up social enterprises, including social insertion companies, to integrate people from vulnerable groups into the workforce and combating poverty.

The project beneficiary shall ensure to the target group:

  • Entrepreneurship education courses;
  • Advice on implementing the business plan;
  • A mentoring and business development program;
  • A micro-grant within 40.000-100.000 euro/business plan;

Maximum project value: 3.000.000 euro.

Eligible applicants/partners:

  • Social economy entities;
  • Accredited public and private training providers;
  • Authorized public and private employment services providers;
  • Social services providers;
  • Trade unions and employers;
  • Professional Associations; NGOs;

Target group:

  • Individuals who intend to establish a social enterprise;
  • Individuals from newly established social enterprises (staff, members, volunteers, beneficiaries of services provided by social economy entities).

The applicant’s guideline is currently in the draft version, and the final version will be published in the next period. More information here.

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