POR – financing for business incubators

March 23, 2017

A new type of financing through Regional Operational Program 2.1B “Business incubators has an estimated launch in the next period, according the current official calendar.

Total call allocation: 117,65 mil. euro.

Eligible applicants:

  • Founders of business incubators (local public authority, territorial administrative unit, research & development centers/institutes, Chambers of Commerce, companies etc.) or partnerships between business incubators founders.
  • Joint ventures between a founder public authority and: companies, associations, foundations, associations of employers, trade unions, Chamber of Commerce etc.

Value of no reimbursable grant: min. 200.000 euro – max. 7 mil. euro.

Financing percentage:

  • For regional aid component: up to 70% (depends on the dimension of the applicant and location of investment);
  • For minimis aid component: up to 90% and within the minimis ceiling.
    The minimis component can not exceed 20% of the total eligible costs.

Types of eligible investments:

Investments financed through the regional state aid:

  • Creation / expansion of business incubators, through construction, expansion of related areas;
  • Equipping business incubators with tangible assets, intangible assets;

Investments financed through the minimis aid:

  • Development of services provided within the business incubators.

For more details from the Applicant Guideline (consultative form) you can find here.

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