NEW financing line for entrepreneurial students

April 29, 2020

The Ministry of European Funds launched the guideline “Innotech Student” for public consultation until May 4th, 2020. The call is destined to finance entrepreneurship among students.

Project’s activities will be realized in two stages:
Stage I (with an 8 months duration):
1.1. Information campaign;
1.2. Selection of the target group;
1.3. Training – Entrepreneurial skills (ANC accredited);
1.4. Selection of the business plans that will be financed within the project;
1.5. Organizing and carrying out the simulated enterprise activity;
1.6. Carrying out internships (min. 40 hours);
1.7. Counseling / consulting / mentoring;
1.8. Establishment and start of the financed enterprises.
Stage II (with an 12 months duration):
2.1. Reimbursement of grants related to the implementation of business plans;
2.2. Monitoring the functioning and development of the financed businesses.

Who are eligible applicants?

  • Authorized public and private traning providers;
  • NGOs;
  • Chambers of commerce and industry;
  • Trade unions and employers’ organizations;
  • Professional associations;
  • Accredited public and private higher education institutions;
  • Doctoral and graduate schools with legal personality, including partnerships between them and the private sector / RDI centers;
  • Accredited research institutes / centers, including research institutes of the Romanian Academy;
  • Romanian Academy;
  • Institutions and member organizations of the Regional Pacts and Local Partnerships for Employment and Social Inclusion;
  • Members of Sectorial Committees and Sectoral Committees with legal personality.

Who can be the target group?

  • Students, bachelor’s or master’s degree (ISCED 5-7) – enrolled, on the date of entry into operation, in the last year of study;
  • PhD students;
  • Postdoctoral researchers;
  • Students (ISCED 4, qualification level 5, enrolled in colleges organized at the level higher education institutions) – enrolled, at the date of entry into operation, in the last year of studies.

Project implementation area:
The target group can reside anywhere in Romania, except for the Bucharest-Ilfov region.
Project’s activities can take place in any region, including Bucharest-Ilfov, if the above condition is fulfilled.

Target group:

  • Minimum 300 people.

Project’s eligible value is maximum 2.000.000 euros, of which:

  • minimum 70% grant for business establishment (under the incidence of minimis aid) – with a non-reimbursable financing of 100% is calculated by adding:
    • no. of established companies with min. 2 jobs created x max. 40,000 euros
    • no. of established companies with min. 3 jobs created x max. 60,000 euros
    • no. of established companies with min. 4 jobs created x max. 80,000 euros
    • no. of established companies with min. 5 jobs created x max. 100,000 euros
  • maximum 30% grant (for the other expenses of the project) with non-reimbursable financing of:
    • 100% for NGOs;
    • 95% for private beneficiaries;
    • 98% / 85% public institutions.

The number of established companies cannot be less than 14.

Project’s maximum implementation period is 20 months.

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