Launched call under POR for social centres – elderly people!

January 3, 2017

The call for increasing the coverage of social services – vulnerable group: elderly over 65 years old (Specific Objective 8.3) within the Regional Operational Program (POR) 2014-2020 has been launched.

The projects can be submitted in the period: 28.02.2017 – 29.08.2017.

Eligible beneficiaries are:

  1. Administrative Territorial Units, other entities of public law;
  2. Entities of private law:
  • associations and foundations, including subsidiaries of international associations and foundations recognized in accordance with Romanian law;
  • cult units / structures of denominations belonging to religious cults, including foundations and associations constituted by cults;
  1. Partnerships between any of the entities mentioned above.

The Beneficiary or one of the partners must be accredited provider of social services and have at least 1 year of activity at the date of submission of the application.

Types of investments: 

  • rehabilitation / modernization / expansion / endowment of infrastructure of existing social center without residential component;
  • rehabilitation / modernization / expansion / endowment of infrastructure for the establishment of new social centers without residential component;
  • ensuring / modernization of general and specific utilities for the infrastructure of social services without residential component;
  • creation / modernization of facilities for physical access for people with disabilities;
  • arranging of workshops in social centers without residential component;
  • facilities adapted to the needs of beneficiaries of services provided by the social infrastructure without residential component, including equipment for people with disabilities;

Eligible value of the project: vary according to the project objective between 50.000 euro and 850.000 euro.

Grant financing percentage98% from the eligible costs.

More information here.

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