Grants for new work places – launch in Mai 2016

May 4, 2016

The Ministry of Public Finance announced the launch of a new session of project proposals for creation of new work places (state aid scheme GD 332/2014) from 30.05.2016 to 10.06.2016.

We remind you of the most important details of this financing opportunity:

Eligible applicants are companies (large and SMEs), including start-ups, from all economic sectors, except companies activating in areas such as: aquaculture, primary production, processing and marketing of agricultural products, steel, shipbuilding, production of synthetic fibers, transportation and energetic sectors and all sectors listed in Annex 1 to GD 332/2014.

The investment must meet the following conditions:

  • it must be considered an initial investment: setting up of a new unit, expanding an existing unit, unit production diversification or fundamental change to the production process;
  • leads to the creation of at least 10 new work places, out of which at least 3 for disadvantaged workers, for each investment location.

Eligible expenses: total salary costs related to the new work places created as a result of an initial investment, up to the average national income, calculated for 2 consecutive years.

The grant awarded is differentiated according to the implementation region:

  • up to 15 % in the Bucharest Region;
  • up to 35 % in the West and Ilfov Regions;
  • up to 50 % in North West, Center, North East, South East, South Muntenia, South West Oltenia Regions;

 The allocated budget for this session is 250 million lei.

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