Financing line for training in LARGE companies – “Innovation through training”

May 3, 2018

AMPOCU launched under public consultation the Specific Guidelines for the financing line – “Innovation through training”, within which LARGE companies can reimburse their investment in professional training programs for employees, especially the directly productive ones.

The call is dedicated to human resource development through:

  • professional training programs (qualification/ specializations/ short term programs/ informal courses/ workshop/ seminars); at least 60% of the employees should participate at qualification courses (level 2-4);
  • learning and development planning;
  • evaluation / validation and certification of the competencies previously acquired
    (recognition at enterprise and / or national level);
  • development of an own training system at employer level – learning at workplace.

How long does it take to implement a project?

  • maximum 18 months.

What is the maximum value of the project?

  • 500.000 euro of which the percentage of non-reimbursable financing is 50-95% depending on specific activities.

Who can apply?

  • Large enterprises with activity in priority sectors: tourism/ ecotourism, textiles / leather, wood/ furniture, auto and components, IT and communications, food/ beverage processing, energy/ environment, health/ pharmaceutics, bio economy/ bio pharmaceutics/ bio technology, creative industries, means of transport, infrastructure, chemicals, electrical machinery / appliances / equipment. See the list of eligible CAEN codes here.

The project can only be implemented in the less developed regions (Central, South-East, South Muntenia, North-East, North-West, West, South-West Oltenia) of Romania.
Large enterprises with headquarters in the Bucharest-Ilfov region are also eligible, only if their projects are implemented in the less developed eligible regions (within a place of business located in one of the eligible regions).

Which employees can be involved in the project (target group)?

  • Employees seeking the development of their knowledge, competencies and aptitudes levels or who seek the certification/ validation of the competencies, especially in the priority economic sectors;
  • Employees with present/ future activities in the priority economic sectors.

Minimum target group: 50 persons.

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