Financing for fruit farming and training for farmers – NRDP

February 29, 2016

New guidelines have been published for public consultation for the National Program for Rural Development 2014-2020. These measures target 4.1.a Investments in fruit-growing holdings, 4.2.a Investments in processing / marketing of products in the fruit-growing sector (you can find the documents here) and  1.1 Support for training and and skills acquiring actions (see the documents here).

Please find below more details on these financing lines for the private sector:

  • Sub measure 4.1.a Support for investments in fruit-growing holdings

Type of investments to be financed: modernization of fruit-growing farms, re conversion of fruit plantations, modernization of fruit nurseries, storage systems, conditioning and packaging and on-farm processing units, etc.

Grant awarded: up to 1.050.000 euro.
Financing rate: up to 90% of eligible expenses.

  • Sub measure 4.2.a Support for investments in processing/marketing of products in the fruit-growing sector

Type of investments to be financed: setting-up, extension and / or modernization of processing units for the raw material from the fruit-growing sector, mobile processing units / local networks for collection, reception, storage, conditioning, selection and packaging; purchasing of new machinery, installations, equipment and specialized transportation for the collection of raw material.

Grant awarded: up to 1.500.000 euro.
Financing rate: up to 50% of eligible expenses.

  • Sub measure 1.1 Support for training and skills acquisition actions

Type of eligible costs: salary expenses for expert trainers, accommodation, meals and transportation costs for the participants, teaching materials and consumables, renting of the necessary equipment and space to carry out the training actions.

Grant awarded: up to 195.000 euro.
Financing rate: 100% of eligible expenses.

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