Human resources and social

Bellow you can find some examples of human resources projects developed by VAPRO consultants:

Implementing and validating the National Qualification Framework public institution strategic 3.900.000 RON 930.000 EUR
Developing and authorizing and evaluation and certification centre for adult`s professional competencies in the environment protection sector employers union grant 1.300.000 RON 310.000 EUR
Developing careers in education by human resources training public university grant 1.850.000 RON 440.000 EUR
Increasing human resources adaptability to the labor market needs in the sector of pharmaceutical products distribution private company grant 800.000 RON 190.000 EUR
Developing a perfecting and training system in therapy and laser application in the medical area association (NGO) grant 1.850.000 RON 440.000 EUR
Building capacity for social partners for promoting Continuous Vocational Training and social dialogue in the steel sector trade union grant 500.000 RON 119.000 EUR
Ensuring health and safety on the job private company minimis aid 847.000 RON 200.000 EUR
Promoting entrepreneurship culture and improving entrepreneurial abilities for family doctors private company strategic 3.800.000 RON 900.000 EUR
Developing human resources and the internal capacity of enterprises through entrepreneurship private company strategic 3.000.000 RON 715.000 EURO
Continuous Vocational Training for employees in the financial-banking sector private company state aid – training 1.950.000 RON 470.000 EUR
Strengthening and promoting social dialogue in the milling and breading industry employers union grant 1.950.000 RON 470.000 EUR
Adaptability and flexibility for employees in the milling and breading industry private company state aid – training 2.300.000 RON 550.000 EUR
Internships for a successful career foundation (university) strategic 4.950.000 RON 1.180.000 EUR
Promoting entrepreneurship culture and support for business start up foundation (university) strategic 4.470.000 RON 1.070.000 EUR
Promoting active employment measures in rural areas by creating conditions for enterprise development in non-agricultural areas.  private company  grant  1.930.329 RON 439.000 EUR
Skills development for 524 students, to facilitate their transition to active life and successful integration into the labor market.  private company  grant  2.170.613 RON 494.000 EUR