Our portfolio includes hundreds of customers from various industries and over 300 million euro grant approved since 2007.

Our clients have chosen VAPRO because:

  • We have more than 20 years of experience both in project development and project management
  • We work with specialists and senior consultants with relevant experience in project development and implementation;
  • We have developed an integrated approach and a methodology for writing and implementing projects based on a rigorous system of management and control;
  • We have a diverse portfolio of clients – from universities, NGOs and public institutions to private companies and extensive experience in working with multinational companies (over 60% of our clients are foreign companies or multinationals);
  • We build long term relationships with our clients;
  • We are a “Proactive”, “innovative”, “reliable” and “dynamic” team – those are our most valued strengths according to the recommendations received from our clients;
  • We take our customers problems and offer back solutions;

We have a success rate of over 90% of the projects developed by us, compared to an overall average of about 40%.
Some of our clients – at national level:
1. Public organizations – public institutions, state universities, hospitals, etc;
Examples: CNFPA/ ANC,  Politehnica University.

2. Associations and foundations, trade unions  from different sectors –  food industry, steel industry, chemical and petrochemical, environmental protection, precious metals and stones, medical, transportation, etc.
Examples: Romalimenta, Institutul Bancar Roman, Rompan, UNTRR etc.

3. Companies from different sectors  – pharmaceutical, food, manufacturing (furniture, rubber), automotive, IT, training, consulting and human resources, medical, telecommunications, etc.
Examples: ADM Farm, Apa Nova, Apa Nova, Acvatot, Telekom, Roedl and Partner, Conarg, Banca Transilvania, Romstal, APT, MedCenter, Titan, etc.

To see some examples of the projects developed by VAPRO consultants for our clients please access the following links:

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