VAPRO & HART Consulting – conference on “Organizational culture: HSEQ”.

January 24, 2013

VAPRO Romania is the partner of HART Consulting in the conference on “Organizational culture: health and safety”

Health and safety are fundamental to the reputation and profitability of a company and they begin with the employees. Publications and current reports at national and international level show that 70-80% of work accidents are attributed to the human factor. In 2011, in Romania was reported a total of 3,681 people who suffered less or more serious accidents, including fatalities. In 2012, that number decreased to 2,600 in the first 9 months and the industries in which the most tragedies occurred continue to be construction, transportations and mining and quarrying.

In this regard, concern for health and safety is not only justified but absolutely necessary.

Beginning with 2007, VAPRO Romania won over 10 million Euro in European funds for approximately 50 client companies, used for implementing projects to improve health and safety at work and maintaining a safe working environment for their employees. At international level, VAPRO also offers specialized services in the field of HSEQ, from consulting, plans, risk assessments to training for employees.

We invite you on Tuesday, February 12, from 9:00 to 13:00, at Howard Johnson Hotel in Bucharest, to join us and our partners at the Organizational culture: health and safety” conference.

All VAPRO customers and partners receive a 15% discount on the registration fee.

For more details about the conditions of participation please visit the following link:

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