Status projects SOPHRD June 2010

June 8, 2010

Reallocation among Axes to finance all projects selected

In the press conference organized by the Monitoring Committee of MASOPHRD on June 8th 2010, the MASOPHRD has presented the status of the projects submitted, selected and contracted. Also, it has made a very important announcement for all beneficiaries: MASOPHRD has proposed to finance all projects selected on the key areas where the request has been very high (such as 3.1 or 3.2) by reallocating funds from key area where the interest was not that high (such as 4.2). According to the press release: “The management of MASOPHRD will propose to the Ministry of Labor and to the Ministry of Finance that all projects selected would be totally financed. The necessary amounts will be taken from the financial allocation of key areas where the interest was not that high among beneficiaries”.

Those who have submitted projects on the SOPHRD and are waiting for the results of the evaluation but also those of you who are planning to apply for a project financed through ESF-SOPHRD can analyze the updated situation of projects submitted on SOPHRD.

For more information please access the press release of MASOPHRD, and also an extensive document which presents the status of projects submitted, selected and contracted, and also the measure of reallocation inside SOPHRD suggested by MASOPHRD.

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