SOPHRD – two new financing lines announced for June

May 26, 2014

On May 23rd 2014, the MASOPHRD announced the launch of two calls for strategic type projects, as follows:

  • KAI 2.1 „Subsidized work places” for the development of work skills of 2014 young graduates of secondary and tertiary educational institutions by organizing internships, providing guidance and carrier counseling services for them and subsidizing work places to increase employment rate among young people.

Beneficiary: Department for SME, Business Environment and Tourism
Target group:
young graduates (at their first job after graduation)

  • KAI 3.2 Competencies for Competitiveness in the medical field” for training for medical staff at both managerial and executive level (doctors and nurses) and ensuring quality and efficiency of the public health system management etc.

Beneficiary: Ministry of Health
Target group:
doctors and nurses in public units with beds

Both calls will be open on 6th of June, 2014 and the deadline for project submission is 11th of June, 2014, at 16:00.

Project value: 500.000-5.000.000 euro
Funding percentage
: up to 85% of eligible project costs
Implementation period:
6-12 months

Also, the final version of the Applicant’s Guide – General conditions for 2014 has been published.
More information about these calls and financing terms found below:

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