SOPHRD: New calendar for estimated calls in 2013

March 18, 2013

The Ministry of European Funds has published an updated calendar of the calls for proposals in 2013.
Thus, the requests for project proposals announced for this year are:

Priority Axis 1 – Education and training in support for growth and development of knowledge-based society
1.1 Access to education and Initial Quality training – Strategic
1.2 Quality in Higher Education – Grants
1.3 Human resources development in education and training – Strategic
1.4 Quality in CVT – Strategic
1.5 Doctoral and postdoctoral research support – Strategic

Priority Axis 2 – Linking lifelong learning and labour market
2.1. Transition from school to active life – Strategic and Grants
2.2. Preventing and correcting early school leaving – Grants
2.3. Access and participation in CVT – Strategic and Grants

Priority Axis 5 – Promoting active employment measures
5.1. Developing and implementing active employment measures – Strategic and Grants
5.2. Promoting long-term sustainability of rural areas in terms of human resource development and employment – Strategic and Grants

Priority Axis 6 – Promoting social inclusion
6.1. Social economy development – Strategic and Grants
6.3 Promoting equal opportunities on the labour market – Strategic and Grants
6.4. Trans-national initiatives for an inclusive labour market – Strategic

To view the new calendar, please visit the Ministry of European Funds website at the following link:

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