Consultancy for project management

Are you the beneficiary of a non-reimbursable grant? Do you encounter difficulties  during your project implementation or you only want to minimize the risks?

Most of the time we realize that we need help when things already get too complicated or we do not find solutions to the problems we face. In the implementation process of a project financed through non-reimbursable funds when problems arise, it can already be too late. The risks of such projects are almost always measured in money, and even though normally it’s easy to spend a budget, when it comes to a non-reimbursable grant we can tell you how things really are, from our experience of dozens of projects. Few important aspects that you need to consider:

  • Implementing a project essentially means activities carried under a budget and within a predefined framework;
  • Spending a budget is subject to dozen of European and/or national regulations and guidelines, which need to be known, but also interpreted and applied correctly;
  • When there are no rules (in the dozen of regulations and guidelines mentioned above) you have to apply the non-written practice of various authorities – our practice has started in 2007 and since then we worked with most of the financing and control bodies;
  • Usual, the mistakes, delays in implementation lead to “corrections”. In non-technical terms this means budget reductions;
  • It is always better and more efficient to prevent than to repair;
  • Not the least, bureaucracy related to a project can be so high that it can concentrate all your intern resources and can shift the focus from the core business to the project management;

Service description:

Because we believe that each person performs better in his own area, we recommend to focus on your main business and allow our team of consultants to implement and manage your project after its approval. Our project management solutions and services are continuously adapted to your project and organization specificity, substituting your team exactly in those areas in which it does not has specific skills:

  • Assistance in the contracting process;
  • Work procedures and tools;
  • Project monitoring;
  • Consultancy in organizing public tender procedures;
  • Preparing technical and financial reports for reimbursement of expenditures;
  • Assistance in communication with the Managing Authority.

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