Scan analysis

Do you have several project ideas but you don’t know which of them is eligible for financing? Do you have investment plans and you want to benefit as much as possible of the  2014-2020 available financing opportunities?

VAPRO consultants will analyze your organization eligibility and based on your business strategy they will advise you in identifying the main projects for which you can obtain grants through European or national funds.

Service description:

The service involves a review of the basic criteria your organization has to fulfill to receive grants and a “scan” of all existing funding opportunities in the 2014-2020 programming period. The service includes a short interview with your organization representatives, on the basis of a questionnaire, and development of a report that shows the most important funding sources for the activity and the needs of your organization, as defined in accordance with your short, medium and long term development plans.
Based on this information and taking into account the co-financing options, your organization can prioritize its investments or it can develop a business strategy.

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