With more than 20 years of expertise  in project development and implementation at European level, a portfolio which includes hundreds of customers in Romania and over 300 million euro awarded in grant funding since 2007, we provide specialized consultancy and assistance services in finding the most suitable financing solutions for your projects, in the following areas:

Human resources development investments such as  training, coaching and internship programs and CSR activities.Increasing business competitiveness by investing in state of the art technologies for expansion or  diversifying the activity; research, development and innovation.Investments in energy efficiency, renewable energy sources and storage, made by companies (both self-consumption and production).

The European funds budget allocated to Romania for 2021-2027 period is around 80 billion euro representing a real support for medium and long term investments and development objectives of private and public organizations.

Our expertise covers the following financing programs:

  • Education and Employment Program (PEO 2021 – 2027) for financing investments in human resources;
  • Regional programs for financing investments in expansion or diversification made by small and medium-sized companies (SMEs);
  • The Intelligent Growth, Digitization and Financial Instruments Program (PCIDIF) for financing innovation, research and development activities in companies;
  • The National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) and the Modernization Fund with a focus on investments in renewable energy sources and storage
  • National state aid schemes (HG 807, HG 332, HG 959, ConstructPlus, InvestAlim) for large investments

VAPRO consultants and experts can assist you through the entire process – from defining the idea and developing your projects in order to obtain grants, to the management and implementation of the strategies for which the grants have been awarded and to the reimbursement of all costs.

We offer our services on the basis of either a daily rate or a success fee (“no cure-no pay”):

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