Seminar for Human Resources Development

April 29, 2010

Vapro Romania  has participated in the seminar organized by the Italian Chamber of Commerce in Romania: “ Analysis on the absorption process of the European  structural funds: problems and solutions, focused mainly on the SOPHRD” that took place on Thursday, the 29th of April 2010, at the Novotel Hotel.

As speakers during the seminar several representatives of the authorities have been present, amongst which Mrs. Cristina Zevedei, General Director of MA SOP HRD and Mr. Stefan Ciobanu – General Director ACIS.

Following the discussions with the Beneficiaries invited, the MA SOP HRD representatives have stated that they will finish the evaluation process for all projects, including the strategic ones submitted in the call of last year, before they launch the new call for proposals for grant projects, estimated in June.
Also, another topic has been related to the state aid projects that are now in the contracting phase and it has been mentioned that the situation for these projects will be un-blocked within maximum 4 weeks and the beneficiaries will be called to sign the financing contracts.

Also, we would like to bring to your attention the article recently published by the Financiarul Newspaper, in which the General Director of MA SOP HRD Cristina Zevedei is discussing the issue of the blocked payments inside the SOPHRD. For more information follow the link:

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