Revised Guideline for “Minimis scheme for start-ups and spin-offs” – POC

October 7, 2016

A revised version of the Applicant Guideline for: “Innovative companies: start-ups and spin-offs”, Competitive Program, has been published.

This scheme aims to support the creation of innovative SPIN-OFF and development of START-Ups. The call has a continuous submission, with periodic evaluation every 3 months, in the limit of the allocated budget.

Eligible beneficiaries:

  • Start-ups (up to 3 years of activity);
  • Spin-offs: companies that will be set up on the basis of results obtained in public research organizations;

Project eliminatory condition:

The project is based on a previous result of R&D, which may be:

  1. Patent;
  2. Patent application;
  3. ;
  4. Rights to use the research findings of a research project financed through a public program;
  5. Rights to use the research findings of a research project conducted for the case of a research institution funded by the applicant company (only for start-ups).

Eligible grant: maximum 200.000 euro

Non-reimbursable grant percentage: 90% of total eligible project costs;

Eligible expenditures:

  • Expenditures with research and development activities;
  • Expenditures for introducing in production the research and development results of products / processes / technology / services – mandatory activity;
  • Expenditures with consulting services for innovation area and for innovation support services;
  • Expenditures with general administration of project;
  • Expenditures with information and publicity for the project – mandatory;
  • Expenditures with taxes / subscriptions / fees / agreements / authorizations.

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