Recommendations for MFE regarding the Applicant Guideline “Romania Start-up Plus”

July 26, 2016

Vapro Romania together with Structural Consulting™ Group – continues the series of recommendations for the Ministry of European Funds and MA POCU.

The document submitted yesterday, 25th July 2016, comprise recommendations to improve the Applicant Guideline Specific Conditions “Romania Start up Plus” on Human Capital Operational Programme.

The main aspects on which VAPRO, Structural Consulting Group and other experts have proposed modifications are:

  • The possibility to include companies and universities in the list of eligible applicants;
  • The modification of percentages of the two tranches of the micro-grant from 60% – 40 % to 80% – 20%,  to ensure real possibilities of success for the established businesses;
  • The reduction of the “performance threshold” to be met within 12 months of existence, from 50% of the first tranche to a more realistic value of 20%;
  • To eliminate the minimum required duration of the entrepreneurial skills training authorised by ANC;
  • To eliminate the maximum duration required for the 3 phases of the project implementation framework;

For more information about the submitted recommendations download the document from here.

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