Recommendations for MEF regarding the simplified costs options

July 19, 2016

Structural Consulting™ Group  – and VAPRO Romania have submitted today, 19th July 2016, to the Ministry of European Funds and AM POCU a case study based on Romania’s excessive interpretation regarding the use of simplified cost options within POCU 2014-2020.

The document is part of a series of recommendations that the two companies have proposed to develop in order to assist the authorities responsible for POCU management. The analysis, called “Romania, excessive interpretation in use of simplified cost options. Recommendations and proposals” shows comparatively how simplified cost options are used in other four EU countries: Poland, Malta, Czech Republic and Wales.

Thus, in Romania the indirect costs are not only calculated as a fixed percentage of 15% of the total direct staff costs (further refined by our country with the amount of subcontracted staff costs) but also include other categories of costs, which in the countries given as example, are considered direct costs.

The document offers also recommendations on how the simplified cost options should be used to support the beneficiaries and also to ensure and support the reducing of the administrative burden at Authorities level.

For more information download the document.

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