Project call launch up to 1 mill. euro for company employee training

September 20, 2018

The Ministry of European Funds launched on 20th of September the call for projects “Improving the level of knowledge / competencies / skills for employees”. Deadline for project submission period 20.12.2018

The call is dedicated to the development of human resources in companies through measures such as:

  • training programs (initiation, qualification, re-qualification, improvement or specialization programs);
  • evaluation and certification of professional competences;
  • developing and introducing workplace learning programs in companies;
  • employers’ awareness campaigns on the importance and necessity of employee participation in continuous training programs;

Who can apply?

  • Employer organizations;
  • Business Associations;
  • Chambers of Commerce and Industry;

In partnership with other relevant entities (eg trade unions and / or training providers).

What is the call allocation?

  • 89.361.701,88 euro

What is the maximum value of the project?

  • 1 million euro, of which the percentage of non-reimbursable financing is between 85-100% depending on applicant type.

How long does it take to implement a project?

  • maximum 18 months.

Which employees can be involved in the project (target group)?

  • Employees from enterprises that carry out their main or secondary activity in one of the priority sectors or enterprises that intend to adapt their main or secondary activity to at least one of these sectors (see the List of eligible CAEN codes).

Other target group provisions:

  • Employees must work and have their domicile / residence outside Bucharest-Ilfov region;
  • People who provide strategic management in companies and HR department staff can not be target group – for them there is another dedicated call;
  • Minimum target group: 250 people.

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