POSCCE Operation 1.3.2 – Consultancy support for SME’s – CALL OPEN!

February 28, 2012

The Intermediate Body for SME`s has announced the call opening for Operation 1.3.2 – Support for consultancy services provided to SME`s.

Allocated budget for this call: 84,000,000 lei (approx. 19,300,000 Euro)

We present to you the main aspects of this guide:

Maximum grant value for this scheme funding is 170,000 lei (approx. 39,000 Euro) but not more than 20% of the company’s annual turnover in the last financial year (31.12. 2011)

A maximum value is set for each type of the consultancy services eligible for this project call

The project may include several types of consulting services but the total financial aid grant (for all these services) may not exceed the sum of 170,000 lei (39,000 Euro)

In this call for proposals an applicant may submit only one application for financing

Applicant`s own contribution amount represents the percentage of eligible project costs that will be supported by the applicant / beneficiary and is at least 30% of eligible expenses

The validity of the call is up to 28.09.2012.

During this call for projects will be launched successively three recording, submission, evaluation and selection sessions according with the following program:

Session I (March)

a) Registration and submission – 15.03-13.04.2012

b) Evaluation and selection – 17.04-31.05.2012

Session II (June)

a) Registration and submission – 01.06-29.06.2012

b) Evaluation and selection – 02.07-31.08.2012

Session III (September)

a) Registration and submission – 03.09-28.09.2012

b) Evaluation and selection – 01.10-30.11.2012

Applicants, whose projects were rejected in the first session, can resubmit corrected project in successive sessions.

Applicants, whose projects were funded, cannot submit other projects in future sessions of this call for projects.

Sessions II and III (June and September) will be launched ONLY if the call budget is not exhausted after evaluation of submitted projects declared financed in session I.

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