POS CCE Operation 1.3.2 – Applicant’s Guide published for consultation

December 16, 2011

The Intermediate Body for SME`s has announced the opening of the consulting period for the Applicant Guide, Operation 1.3.2 – Support for consultancy services provided to SME`s.

This period will end at 30.01.2012. If you have any observations or recommendations for improving this document, the intermediate body provides, up to the same date mentioned above, an e-mail address: fonduristructurale@minind.ro.

We present to you the main aspects of this guide, that are different from the previous versions:

  • Maximum grant value for this scheme funding is 170,000 lei (approx. 39,000 Euro) but not more than 20% of the company’s annual turnover in the last financial year (31.12. 2011)
  • A maximum value is set for each type of the consultancy services eligible for this project call
  • The project may  include  several types of consulting services but the total financial aid grant (for all these services) may not exceed the sum of 170,000 lei (39,000 Euro)
  • The specific eligibleCAENcodes of the applicant requests are specified
  • In this call for proposals an applicant may submit only one application for financing
  • TheCAENcodes that the consulting firms (the provider of the service/s) must have as their  main business activity are also listed
  • Applicant`s own contribution amount represents the percentage of eligible project costs that will be supported by the applicant / beneficiary and is at least 30% of eligible expenses

To view the full version of the guide please visit the following link: http://oiimm.mimmcma.ro/sites/oiimm.mimmcma.ro/files/GhidConsultanta2011Proiect.pdf

 We will keep you updated on these issues.

 We expect you to turn your ideas into successful projects!

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