Training for managers and HR in companies

May 29, 2017

The Ministry of European Funds launched under public consultation two Applicant Guidelines – Specific Conditions financed through POCU:

  1. Professional Romania – Competitive enterprises” (SO 3.8):

The financing line is dedicated to the improvement of the management activity of human resources through: training, coaching, seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, long-term strategic planning etc. 

Project duration: maximum 12 months.

Maximum project value: 300.000 euro, from which non-reimbursable: 95% from the expenditure that does not fall under the State aid scheme and 50% from the expenditure related to the State aid scheme.

Eligible applicants: Employers (large enterprises) which operates in:

  • one of the economically competitive sectors identified according to the SNC and in correlation with one of the fields of intelligent specialization according to SNCDI, or
  • intends to adapt its activity to these economic sectors / intelligence areas.

 Target group:

  • Employees who ensure the strategic management of enterprises and who occupy management positions in enterprises;
  • Employees from human resources departments;

Minimum target group: 150 persons;

  1. “Professional Romania – Competitive human resources” (SO 3.8)

Within this call, the trade unions, employers’ associations and business associations can develop projects up to 500.000 euro (100% non-reimbursable) in order to organize accredited and informal training courses, coaching, seminars, workshops, conferences, lectures, etc. for managers, HR staff and SME entrepreneurs.

The Guidelines are under public consultation until 06.06.2017, and can be downloaded here.

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