POCU – Consultative guidelines – “School for all”

July 8, 2016

The Ministry of European Funds launched under public consultation the Applicant Guidelines – Specific Conditions: “School for all” (SO 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, 6.6) – financing line dedicated to:

  • Facilitating the access to education and preventing / reducing the rate of early school leaving;
  • Increasing the quality of educational services;
  • Providing qualified human resources in education field;

A project should comprise activities from at least two of above mentioned categories and will be implemented over a period of maximum 36 months.

Maximum project value:

  • Small projects 500.000 euro (at the level of a single county);
  • Large projects: 1.500.000 euro (at the level of more counties);

Eligible applicants:

  • NGOs;
  • Religious institutions;
  • Public or private educational institutions (compulsory participation);
  • Various organizations with attributions in education area, according to the Guidelines;

Target group:

  • children with ante/preschool age, students from groups with school dropout risk including their parents;
  • teaching staff;
  • people who have not completed compulsory education;

According to the Ministry, the projects can be submitted during 1st of August 2016 – 30th of September 2016, their implementation being estimated to start in December 2016.

The Guideline is under public consultation until 21st of July 2016 and can be downloaded from here.

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