POCA – Financing for NGOs

February 13, 2017

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration launched the call for “Increasing the capacity of NGOs and social partners to formulate alternative public policies (CP2 – POCA) in 9.02.2017.
The project proposals can be submitted until 30 March 2017, hour: 17:00.
This call finances projects that include measures to support NGOs and social partners such as:

  • developing independent tools for monitoring and evaluation of public policies;
  • developing tools to strengthen social and civil dialogue;
  • developing actions to formulate and promote alternative proposals to public policies initiated by the Government;
  • developing procedures and tools to support and promote initiatives to reform public administration and interaction with public administration authorities and institutions;
  • development of social partners’ and NGOs’ capacity through training, joint activities, participation and development of local / national / European  thematic networks;
  • developing civic responsibility and involvement of local communities to participate in the public life and decision-making processes, promoting equal opportunities, non-discrimination and sustainable development.

Eligible Beneficiaries: NGOs and social partners (employers unions, trade unions etc) in partnership with organizations of the same type and: accredited institutions of higher education and/or research, central public authorities and institutions and The Romanian Academy.
Minimum value for a project: 250.000 lei
Maximum value for a project: 1.000.000 lei
Beneficiary contribution: 2% of eligible costs of the project;
Project maximum duration: 16 months.

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