Norway grants for companies and NGOs

May 30, 2018

Innovation Norway, as Fund Operator, launched on 24 May 2018 the first call under the “SMEs Growth Romania” Program. The program, funds initiatives to increase competitiveness and profitability of Romanian enterprises, with an emphasis on innovation in the field of services and technological processes.

Call budget:

  • Approx. 21 mill. Euro, of which:
    • 15 million for individual projects;
    • 6 million euro for small grants;

Maximum amount of non-refundable aid:

  • Individual projects: min. 200.000 euro and max. 2.000.000 euro;
  • Small grants: min. 50.000 euro and max. 200.000 euro;
  • The non-reimbursable aid, for both types of projects, can vary from 10% up to 80% of the total eligible project value, depending on the type of state aid granted, the size of the applicant, the development region and other elements included in the program.

Eligible applicants and partners:

  • SMEs and large companies – for individual projects
  • SMEs and NGOs engaged in economic activities – for small grants
  • Eligible partners: Partnerships are not mandatory, but projects with partners from donor states (Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein) are strongly encouraged.

The investment should target one of the areas:

  • Development of ICT products / processes / solutions;
  • Developing, implementing and investing in innovative green technologies/ ecological products and services/greener production processes, in industry;
  • Sustainable development of the marine and maritime sectors;

Eligible expenditure:

  • Salaries of the staff involved;
  • Transportation, accommodation, daily allowance;
  • Equipment – full cost or depreciation during project implementation;
  • Consumables and raw materials;
  • Contracts made in order to implement the project;
  • Real estate and land – max. 10% of the eligible project value and with the approval of the Authority;
  • Indirect / administrative costs;


  • For projects submission – 1 November 2018, 13.00
  • For project implementation – April 30, 2022

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