Nonagricultural businesses in Danube Delta

September 2, 2016

Consultative guidelines have been published for sub-measures 6.2 and 6.4 within National Rural Development Programme, sub-measures that focus on investments in non-agricultural businesses in rural areas from Danube Delta.

Eligible activities:

  • Services: medical services, veterinary services, car/boat repair shops, IT business, consultancy, accountancy, legal etc.;
  • Production: pellet manufacturing, textile factory, electrical components factory, metal constructions, furniture factory, pharmaceuticals etc.;
  • Tourism: touristic and agro-touristic accommodation services, caravan parks, campings, holiday camps, leisure activities services, tourist-guide services etc.;
  • Craft: handicraft, pottery, reeds and rushes processing for traditional purpose, manual processing of iron, wool, wood etc.


  • For 6.2 financing line – Up to 70.000 euro (100 % non-refundable) and the payment is granted in two installments: 70% in advance, at the beginning of the project and 30% at project completion and achievement of indicators;


  • For 6.4 financing line – Up to 200.000 euro (up to 90% non-refundable financing) for those who want a more complex investment, with regular payments (maximum 5 payments) during the project implementation period;

Eligible expenditure:

  • Building or modernization of the working space;
  • Purchase of equipment, machinery or other equipment necessary for the business;
  • Other expenses required by the project.

Eligible applicants:

  • Microenterprises, small businesses or any individual that can found a company in the rural area from Danube Delta territory until the submission deadline of the project;

Implementation area:

  • Constanta county, villages: Corbu, Istria, Mihai Viteazu, Sacele;
  • Tulcea county, villages: Baia, Bestepe, C.A. Rosetti, Ceamurlia de Jos, Ceatalchioi, Chilia Veche, Crisan, Frecatei, Greci, Grindu, I.C. Bratianu, Jijila, Jurilovca, Luncavita, Mahmudia, Maliuc, Mihail Kogalniceanu, Mihai Bravu, Murighiol, Niculitel, Nufaru, Pardina, Sarichioi, Slava Cercheza, Sfantu Gheorghe, Smardan, Somova, Valea Nucarilor, Vacareni;

The guidelines are under public consultation until September 10th, 2016.

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