New guidelines released for consultation Rural Development Programme 2014-2020

March 16, 2015

The Agency for Financing Rural Investments (AFIR) has published the consultative versions of the Guidelines for Sub-measure 4.1 “Investments in agricultural holdings” and Sub-measure 6.1 “Business start up aid for young farmers”.

The sub-measure 4.1 “Investment in agricultural holdings” provides financial support to projects aiming: to improve the general performances of the farms, to facilitate restructuring and modernization of small or medium size farms, to increase market and commercial orientation, to reach community standards, to increase the added value of the agricultural products by processing them at the farm level, to encourage the direct commercialization, setting up and promoting an integrated food chain.

Eligible beneficiaries are: authorised individuals, individual company and family businesses, general partnership company (SNC), limited partnership company (SCS), joint stock company (SA), limited liability company (SRL), company with private capital, research and development institute, agricultural company, agricultural cooperative society, agricultural cooperative, producer group ,etc.

Eligible costs:

  • Construction, extension, modernisation and endowment of the productive buildings inside the farm ;
  • Refurbishing and endowment of the spaces for commercialisation and delivery and marketing costs within an integrated food chain ;
  • Puchasing of new machines, equipment, tools etc ;
  • Purchasing (leasing is allowed) of compact transport means
  • The establishment of plantations for table grapes and other perennial plantations;
  • Expenditures generated by meeting standards and compliance with new standards imposed by EU legislation ;
  • Purchasing / development of software, purchasing of licences, patents, copyrights.

Maximum value of the non-reimbursable financing is different depending on farm size and project type, and it can be for certain projects up to maxim 2 mil EUR /project.

The maximum financing percentage can be between 30-50% from the eligible costs, depending on the project type and the farm size. The intensity of non reimbursable financial support can increase up to maximum 90% according to certain criteria.

More information on these guidelines can be found here:

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