September 18, 2014

  1.  The opening of the first call for project proposals for companies that create at least 10 jobs (working places) through GO 332/2014
  2.  Approval of the state aid scheme for incentivizing investments with a major economical impact

1. The Ministry of Public Finance announces the opening of the first call for project proposals financed through G.O 332/2014. The submission period is between Sept. 22nd and October 17th and the budget available is of 200 million Lei.

We hereby remind you the main characteristics of this financing:

  • The eligible beneficiaries are companies (large or SME`s) from all areas of activity, except areas such as: fishing, primary production, processing and selling of agricultural products, transport, energy etc and all sectors listed in Annex 1 to the GO 332/2014
  • The investment needs to be considered an initial investment, meaning that it aims to create a new unit, to extend the capacity of an existing unit, to diversify the production of an existing unit or to completely change the production process.
  • The investment must lead to the creation of at least 10 new jobs, among which 3 destined for disadvantaged workers, for each of the investment location

2. The Government has approved the state aid scheme for companies available until 2020, with a budget of 2.7 billion Lei (600 million Euros), for financing costs with tangible and non tangible assets, related to initial investments, the payment of the state aid being done in the period 2015-2023.

Companies must realize an initial investment of at least 44 million Lei (10 million Euros). The investment needs to cover both in tangible and non tangible assets, located within the same perimeter, and it must be related to: setting up a new unit, the expansion of an existing unit, the diversifying of the production through products that have not been produced before or to fundamentally changing the general production process of an existing unit.

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