A new POCU consultative Guideline: “Community grandparents”

December 9, 2016

The consultative form of the POCU 2014-2020 Applicant Guidelines – Specific Conditions: “Community grandparents“ (SO 4.4) have been published.
Project value: maximum 400.000 euro.
Implementation period: maximum 36 months.
Eligible applicants/partners:

  • Authorised social services providers, alone or in partnership with relevant social actors (eg. Elderly organisations);
  • Public local institutions, in partnership with relevant social actors;

Target group:

  • Elderly persons that are in dependency situations and/or vulnerable to social exclusion. 


  • Day centres for elderly persons, existing or established within the project;
  • Home care services/units for elderly persons;
  • Food preparation and distribution centres (soup kitchens);

Projects under this call will be correlated with investment supported by POR, PA 8 – Health and social infrastructure development.
You can submit your proposals and recommendations until 23 December 2016 at the email address: servicii.sociale@fonduri-ue.ro.

For more information about the complementarity with POR you can consult the Applicant Guideline and annexes here.

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