New financing lines available through EEA Financial Mechanism

January 14, 2014

We announce you about the availability of financing lines, within the program financed by Island, Liechtenstein and Norway, through the SEE Financing Mechanism 2009-2014.

 1. “Synergies for the future” project calls addressed to children and youngsters (age between 16-29) who find themselves at risk, the program following to implement integrated measures for social inclusion.

Main characteristics:

  • Total financial allocation of 12.764.705 Euros.
  • Project value: between 200.000 and 600.000 Euros
  • Grant value:  90% for NGO-s and 100% for public entities
  • Project duration: between 10 and 22 months.

Among the eligible expenses that can be included in such a project there are: salaries and fees for the management and experts teams, costs of the equipment purchased for the project, costs with the depreciation of these equipments, costs with construction works, renovation or utilities branching works (investment expenses cannot exceed 50% of the project value), cost with transport and accommodation of experts and beneficiaries, promotion costs, experience exchange costs etc.

The deadline for submitting the projects is March 10th 2014.

2. „Preservation and Revitalization of Cultural and  Natural Heritage”

The program has two main components and targets the following outputs:

Component 1. Restoration, renovation and protection of cultural heritage: buildings of cultural heritage value restored or rehabilitated; objects of cultural heritage value restoration/ preservation; digitized archives and databases; creation/ development of new museums and cultural facilities.

Financial allocation: 9.097.474 Euro

Component 2: Development of local communities, ensuring economically sustainable livelihoods through the revitalization of cultural and natural heritage: creation and improvement of strategic documents (planning and integrated management)  related to  cultural heritage assets; natural heritage sites protection and revitalization; making cultural intangible heritage of ethnical and cultural minorities more accessible to the public.

Financial allocation: 723.530 Euro.

Main characteristics:

  • Eligible applicants: public institutions; religious organizations; higher education and research institutions; NGO’s and other non-commercial  entities
  • Grant value per project: between 200.000 Euro – 2.000.000 Euro.
  • Grant percentage: 90% for NGO’s and 100% for public institutions.

Eligible expenses: management costs; consulting and specific support costs; specific costs of investment (engineering, designing, land preparation, utilities, building and installation, equipment, intangible assets, amortization; restoration costs, insurance costs, others), costs for outputs dissemination, indirect costs.

The deadline for submitting the projects: 7th of April 2014.

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