Main features of projects financed within SOPHRD – KAY 6.1 “Developing social economy”

September 16, 2013

Please find below the main features of projects financed within SOPHRD – KAY 6.1 “Developing social economy” as published in the Draft Guidelines.

The financed costs are for implementing the following type of activities:

  • Information for the identification and selection of the target group
  • Awareness campaigns and promotion for the integration of vulnerable people inside social economy structures
  • Assessment and counseling dedicated to vulnerable people
  • Training activities (authorized training), including ​​entrepreneurship and soft skills training, dedicated to both vulnerable people and those involved in the system (social workers, specialists, employees and volunteers in NGOs, etc.)
  • Developing Social enterprises and providing further assistance in conducting their business.

The target group should include individuals from one or more of the following categories :

  • People belonging to vulnerable groups (e.g. people with disabilities, people living in the MIG, women at risk, family members providing for their families with more than two dependent children, including single-parent families, people affected by the disease such as HIV, cancer, etc.);
  • Social workers, personal assistants / community / foster family mediators / health, carers, staff of residential institutions and Specialists and trainers involved in the social economy
  • Managers of social economy structures

Among the eligible applicants: NGOs, authorized training providers, career guidance and counseling providers, social services providers.

Please note that the maximum value of the projects is up to 500,000 euros (for grant projects) or up to 4 million euros (for strategic projects) and the financed grant value is up to 98%.

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