Lists with approved strategic projects submitted in 2009

August 24, 2010


The Management Authority of SOPHRD published the Lists with the strategic projects submitted and approved in 2009 within the Human Resources Development Operational Programme. These lists include also projects on the reserve list, which will be contracted only after the supplementary financial allocation for the related calls for proposals. Also, the lists include the projects that have been rejected initially, but which have been approved after the resolution of the complaints received.

MASOPHRD will propose to the Extraordinary Monitoring Committee SOPHRD to approve a reallocation between axes that allows extensive financial allocation for Major Domain of Intervention (MDI) 3.2. and MDI 3.1. After the vote of the Monitoring Committee, the proposal will have to be approved by the European Commission. If the reallocation is approved, MASOPHRD reserves the right to initiate a contract for part of the projects that are on the reserve list, for the calls for proposals no. 81 (MDI 3.1) and no. 92 (MDI 3.2). The order in which projects will be contracted will be based on points awareded.

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