Launch of social economy financing line – SOPHRD 6.1

July 16, 2014

AMPOSDRU announced the launch of the funding line that promotes the development of social economy – KAI 6.1, from 28.07.2014 until 11.08.2014.

We remind you the main characteristics of this financing line:

Eligible applicants: NGOs, cooperatives, providers of social services and accredited public and private employment services providers, organizations involved in social economy, local public administration authorities (administrative-territorial units), MMFPSPV and coordinated / subordinated structures and agencies.

Target group: Roma people; persons with disabilities; youngsters over 18 years old leaving the child protection system; families with more than 2 children and / or single-parent families; children at risk; people who left school early; victims of domestic violence; women (at risk); people living out of minimum guaranteed income; people living in isolated communities; victims of trafficking; people affected by occupational diseases, specialists and managers involved in social in social economy.

Minimum indicators for project eligibility: minimum 1 social enterprise founded and minimum 8 jobs created in the social economy enterprises.

Project value: minimum 50,000 euro and maximum 500,000 euro for a project that is implemented in one area of development, and maximum EUR 2,500,000 euro for a project that is implemented in at least two areas of development.
Funding Percentage:
up to 98% of eligible project costs
Implementation period
: 6-12 months

More information about this call and financing terms found below:

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