Grants for SMEs in the North-East and West regions

October 23, 2019

Grants up to 1 million EUR are available for investments in SMEs located in North-East and West regions.
Projects can be submitted starting with December 24th, 2019 until March 24th, 2020. 

Eligibleapplicants are companies that fulfil the following minimum criteria:

  • Are classified as SMEs, including microcompanies (= less than 250 employees and 50 mil. euro turnover);
  • Have at least 1 year of activity (to be established no later than January 3rd, 2018);
  • Have an investment project located in urban areas (only medium size companies can do investments in rural areas also);
  • Have registered an operating profit (>0 lei) and an average number of 3 employees in the previous fiscal year.

Eligible regions for investment are only North-East and West (any other region is not eligible under this call).

Eligible type of investments:

  • creating  a new production /service unit (location), construction and endowment space;
  • expanding the capacity of an existing unit,  by increasing the production volume for at least one  product /service, without fundamentally changing production process;
  • diversification of a unit through products /services that were not previously manufactured /rendered in the unit. Diversification of production implies that new products /services are added to the range of assortments already produced /rendered.

The project proposal must include an initial investment in tangible assets such as: construction /extension of capacity and/or purchasing of equipment.

Implementation period – maximum 36 months, but not later than December 31st, 2023.
The grant value is: minimum 200.000 euro and maximum 1.000.000 euro.

Non-reimbursable financing rate:

  • Medium enterprises: 60% (for North-East region) and 45% (for West region), of eligible expenses value;
  • Small and micro enterprises: 70% (for North-Est region) and 55% (for West region), of eligible expenses value;
  • For minimis component – 90% from the eligible value (limited to 200.000 EUR).

Find more details here.

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