Grants for Research and Development SOPIEC Operation 2.3.2

May 16, 2013

According to the estimated calendar for project proposals within Sectoral Operational Programme Increasing Economic Competitiveness – SOPIEC, a new call for projects will be launched during the month of May for Operation 2.3.2 Developing the Research and Development Infrastructure for enterprises and creating new work places.

The objectives of this financing line are: developing the R&D capacity for enterprises in order to raise the innovation and competitiveness level and creating new working spaces for the R&D activity.

Eligible beneficiaries: Enterprises, set up according to Law no. 31/ 1990 republished, that can prove the R&D activity is mentioned within their statutory documents.

Budget allocated to this call: 100.000.000 lei 

Until the Applicant`s guide for this call shall be published for consulting, we present to you some key information, according to the previous call for project.

Non reimbursable financing: between 1.000.000 and 40.000.000 lei.
The value of the financing cannot exceed:

  • for large enterprises:  50%   (40% in Bucuresti – Ilfov Region)
  • for medium sized enterprises:  60% (50% in Bucuresti – Ilfov Region)
  • for small sized enterprises:  70%    (60% in  Bucuresti – Ilfov Region).

Eligible activities related to the initial investment:  

  • land acquisition;
  • modernising buildings/laboratories for R&D;
  • construction/expansion of buildings (centres/laboratories for R&D/ Institutes);
  • acquisition of tangible assets for R&D: buildings and/or spaces;
  • acquisition of tangible assets for R&D: equipments, instruments for R&D;
  • acquisition of intangible assets (IT applications, licenses) related to the project

Project duration: max 24 months- for modernising or construction/expansion of buildings

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