Grants for micro-enterprises from the urban area – 200.000 euro, 100% non-refundable.

August 3, 2015

The consultative version of the Applicant Guideline for the development of micro-enterprises, Investment Priority 2.1 axis 2 – Improvement of competitiveness of SME’s, within the  Regional Operational Program (POR) was published.

Eligible beneficiaries are: commercial companies or cooperative companies that are micro enterprises, according to Law 346/2004, with at least 1 year of activity.

Types of investments:

  • Construction, extension, modernization of the production area or for services activities, including the general utilities
  • Acquisition of technological equipment, machines, working tools, specific furniture, IT equipment, office supplement, registered as fixed assets
  • Acquisition of specific equipment and installations used for obtaining energy efficiency and/ or systems using renewable or alternative sources of energy, for increasing the efficiency for the activities that are financed through the project (up to 15% of the eligible value of the project)
  • Investments in non tangible assets: licenses, patents, copyrights, software, etc.
  • Investments for developing websites for the company’s activity and products presenting, and/ or other e-commerce tools
  • Consulting and support services for the project (up to 7% of the eligible value of the project)

Eligible value of the project: between 25.000 euro – 200.000 euro.
Grant financing percentage: 100% from the eligible costs.

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