Good news! The first calls for proposals within POCU 2014-2020 have been launched!

November 13, 2015

The Ministry of European Funds announced that starting with November 20, 2015, the first applications for funding under POCU 2014-2020 can be submitted.
The project proposals under the first call, for the registration of NEETs (youngsters, 15-24 years old, not in employment, education or training) at the Public Employment Service (Priority axis 2, Specific Objective 2.3), can be submitted starting with 20.11.2015. The applicant can be the Ministry of Labor/ Public Employment Services (including the subordinated units with legal personality) in partnership with entities with relevant activity (NGOs, Universities) and the main objective of the call is ensuring an effective implementation of the support schemes at national level.
The maximum value of a project cannot exceed 49.000.000 euro.
For the second call, for the development of marginalized communities with Roma minority (Priority axis 4, Specific Objective 4.1), project proposals can be submitted during 25.11.2015 – 25.01.2016, by NGOs and local authorities with responsibilities in the specific field, in partnership with stakeholders with relevant expertise for the project.
The maximum value of a project is 6.000.000 euro.

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