Financing for internship projects in companies!

November 7, 2016

Until 9 December 2016 projects under the call: “Traineeship and internship for students from agri-food field, industry and services” (OS 6.13, OS 6.14) within POCU 2014-2020 can be submitted!

Project value: minimum 75.000 euro, maximum 500.000 euro.
Implementation period: 9 – 24 months.

Eligible applicants and partners: (Projects can be submitted ONLY in partnership):

  • Accredited private and public universities;
  • Employers (as traineeship/internship partners);
  • NGOs;
  • Professional Associations;
  • Chambers of commerce and industry; Public and private professional counselling and guiding services providers; Ministry of Education and subordinated/coordinated: institutions/ agencies/ organizations; – only for projects regarding the industry and services areas;
  • County School Inspectorates – only for projects regarding the agriculture, food industry, forest and agro-tourism areas;

Target group:

  • Pupils from secondary schools, high-schools;
  • Students;


  • Development and implementation of learning programs at work, traineeship, internship;
  • Providing professional counselling services;
  • Development of partnerships between educational institutions and traineeship/internship partners, organizing professional competitions etc.

Activities eligible only for projects regarding industry and services areas:

  • Development of a coordinated information system;
  • Organization of professional competitions;
  • Piloting innovative solutions to facilitate the internship;
  • Organizing internships in EU Member States;

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