Financing for training of large companies employees

August 9, 2019

Ministry of European Funds has launched the call for “Professional Romania – Competitive Enterprises” projects through which LARGE companies can reimburse their investments in training programs for managers and HR personnel.

Projects can be submitted in the period: 17th July – 18th November 2019.
Target group:

  • Employees (minimum 50 persons) with an individual full-time employment contract (exclusively at applicant), who:
    • occupies management positions in the company (general manager, executive manager, executive director, deputy director, department manager, project manager, line manager, etc.);
    • any employee from human resources department.

What activities are eligible?

  • Informal courses, recognized on enterprise’s level;
  • ANC authorized courses – at least one group of participants in each of these courses:
    • “Entrepreneurial skills”;
    • A human resources course according to the COR code nomenclature ISCO 08 compatible;
  • Business coaching activities and / or activities such as “workshops”, “seminars”, “conferences”, “lectures”, “information events”, courses accredited by Project Management Institute (eg: “PMP” – Project Management Proffesional; “CAPM” – Certified Associates in Project Management), “mini MBA” courses or other relevant courses.

Who can apply?

  • Employers, large companies in all Romania’s regions except Bucharest Ilfov, that operates in one of the following sectors:
    • Automotive and components industry/ Information and communication technology/ Health and pharmaceutical products/ Energy and environmental management/ Wood and furniture/ Creative industries/ Tourism and ecotourism/ Textiles and leather/ Food and beverage processing/ Bioeconomics, biopharmaceuticals and biotechnologies/ Distribution/ Constructions.

Project’s maximum eligible value is 500.000 euro, of which non-reimbursable financing percentage is 50%.
Project’s implementation period is maximum 12 months
For more information click here: POCU 3.8

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