Financing for development of preschool education

July 23, 2018

AMPOCU launched under public consultation the Specific Guidelines for the financing line – “Developing preschool education services”.

The call is dedicated to increase the participation in preschool education, especially of disadvantaged children, through measures such as:

  • Establishment / operation / support of preschools / groups of education and care of preschool children in existing kindergartens;
  • Supporting participation in preschool education: awareness campaigns, parents’ information and counseling services, parent education, financial support;
  • Ensuring qualified human resources: mobility of teaching staff, mentoring;
  • Development and use of new learning services and materials;
  • Promoting of good practices;

Who can apply?

  • Accredited, public and private educational institutions (ISCED 0) from the national school network;
  • NGOs;
  • Public and private providers of guidance, counseling, school mediation and alternative service;
  • PLA with attributions in the field of pre-university education;
  • Social partners from pre-university education (eg trade unions);
  • Institutions / government agencies with attributions in the field of social inclusion;
  • Ministry of National Education and other subordinated structures with attributions in the education field;

How long does it take to implement a project?

  • Max. 24 months.

Which is the call allocation?

  • 164.000.000 euro, of which 18.520.892 euro for the Bucharest-Ilfov region

What is the maximum value of the project?

  • 539.812,19 euro, for less developed regions,
  • 700.266,94 euro for Bucharest Ilfov region.

With a non-reimbursable funding percentage of:

  • 100% for NGOs;
  • 95% for private beneficiaries;
  • 98% / 85% of public institutions;

What is the target group?

  • Ante-preschool (0-2 years old)
  • Parents / guardians / person who take care of the child with parents working abroad
  • Teacher staff from EICP (Education and Care of Preschool Children).

Minimum target group: 5 preschool groups (50 children)

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