Final guidelines for non-agricultural business in rural areas (PNDR)

July 21, 2016

Final guidelines have been published for sub-measures 6.2 and 6.4 within National Rural Development Programme, sub-measures that focus on investments in non-agricultural business in rural areas.

The submission of applications for funding will begin in approximately 7 days from the date the final guidelines have been published.

What activities can be performed?

  • Services: medical services, car repair shops, IT business, consultancy, accountancy, veterinarian and others;
  • Production: pellet manufacturing, electrical components factory, metal constructions, furniture factory, pharmaceuticals, crafts etc.;
  • Tourism: agro – pensions and leisure activities;
  • Other activities – contact us to confirm that your idea can be financed;

Which is the maximum grant for a project?

  • For 6.2 financing line – Up to 70.000 euro (100% non-refundable) and the payment is granted in two installments: 70% in advance, at the beginning of the project and 30% at project completion and achievement of indicators;


  • For 6.4 financing line – Up to 200.000 euro (up to 90% non-refundable financing) for those who want a more complex investment, with regular payments (maximum 5 payments) during the project implementation period;

What can be financed?

  • Building or modernization of the working space;
  • Purchase of equipment, machinery or other equipment necessary for the business;
  • Other expenses required by the project.

Who can access the funding?

  • Micro-enterprises, small businesses or any individual that can found a company in the rural area until the submission deadline of the project;

The evaluation and approval: these grants are awarded to the highest scoring projects until the available funds are contracted! The submission session will be opened for at least 5 days, or until the public value of the applications submitted reach the ceiling of 200% of the allocation for this annual session.

For more information the guidelines can be downloaded here.

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