European funds for agri-turism unit

October 27, 2015

Our colleague, Florentina, explains to you how you can get non-reimbursable EU funds for agri-turism units through PNDR, what an agri-turism unit means, which are the conditions that you must meet and what are the steps needed to be made while developing such a project, in an article published today on Wall Street.

European funds for agri-turism units are available through the National Rural Development Programme, submeasure 6.4 “Support for investments in creating and developing non-agricultural activities”, launched on 14th of July this year.
Grant awarded: up to 200.000 euro
Financing rate90% of eligible expenses

The applicant must fall into the category of micro or small enterprise, to conduct a business related to investments in rural areas, with registered office and registered places of business in rural areas and to be able to assure the co-financing of the investment.

For more information please visit the article published on the Wall Street:

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