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March 4, 2011

In the information age, increasing companies’ capacity to face new challenges is a critical element of maintaining market competitiveness.
Through the SOPIEC, Operation “Supporting the ICT use”, SMEs and NGOs have the opportunity to purchase IT equipment with a grant of up to 95% (up to 100.000 lei – about 25.000 Euro)
Through this operation is financed:
·         Broadband Internet connection or upgrading of existing internet connections;
·         Purchase of electronic signature;
·         Acquiring a company/ NGO presentation website;
·         Purchase of ICT equipment (server, personal computers/portable computers, monitors, network equipment, peripherals, etc.);
·         Set up the LAN network required for project implementation;
·         Purchase software licenses for server, personal computers/portable antivirus software licenses and office-type software packages;
·         Purchase of a new domain name “.ro”
This operation has launched in December 2010 and is among the few SOPIEC operations within which NGOs can apply regardless of their activity field. Total budget is up to 63.750.000 lei and project evaluation is based on first come, first served principle!
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