Detailed version of calls for projects calendar within HCOP – News!

March 1, 2016

The Ministry of European Funds published a detailed version of calls for projects calendar within Human Capital Operational Programme.
The main news in the updated version of the calendar is the announcement of a call for internship projects in July 2016.

Below you can find the updated foreseen launching dates for some of the most important project calls:
Axis 1 and 2:

  • Employment and training measures for young NEETs – March;
  • Measures in the field of entrepreneurship for young people – March;

Axis 3:

  • Measures for employment and training for unemployed people, persons from rural area (November) and Roma people (October);
  • Supporting entrepreneurship, including in creative fields – March and December;
  • Human resources management and outplacement – December;
  • Training for employees – September;

Axis 4:

  • Reducing the number of people in risk of poverty and social exclusion with accent on Roma people (March) and non-Roma people (May);
  • Training of medical staff – March, June and September;
  • Screening activities for beneficiaries of medical services – June – September;
  • Increasing the number of beneficiaries of medical services and encouraging the use of ICT solutions in healthcare field – November;
  • Measures for young people from orphanages and foster parents – September;

Axis 6:

  • “Second chance” programmes for NEETs – March;
  • Reducing early school leaving phenomenon, training for teachers from non-university education, including the diversification of educational offers – March;
  • Support for participation to tertiary education (scholarships etc), teachers training and diversification of educational offers – July;
  • Support for participation to initial (July) and continuous (September) training;
  • Internship programs – July;
  • Measures for sustaining doctoral and postdoctoral programs – June;

The complete calendar can be accessed here.

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